Ukrainian Easter egg on Vyshyvanka

The history of Easter eggs decoration in Ukraine

The tradition of decorating Easter eggs, also known as “pysanky,” is deeply rooted in Ukrainian culture and dates back thousands of years. The designs on the eggs are created using a wax-resist method, where melted wax is applied to the eggshell to create a design, and then the egg is dyed in a series of colors. The wax is then melted off, revealing the intricate design beneath.

Decorative wooden egg Pysanka
Hand painted decorative wooden egg Pysanka with Pterykivka floral painting

The practice of decorating eggs for Easter was originally associated with pagan spring festivals that celebrated the return of the sun and the beginning of new life. With the arrival of Christianity in Ukraine, the tradition became associated with the resurrection of Jesus and the renewal of life.

Over time, the designs on Ukrainian Easter eggs became more elaborate and symbolic. Different colors and patterns were used to represent different themes and meanings, such as fertility, protection, and prosperity. Many of the designs also featured Christian symbols such as crosses, angels, and depictions of biblical scenes.

UA Creations Hand painted Easter egg with floral decoration

During the Soviet era, the practice of decorating Easter eggs was discouraged, and many of the traditional designs were lost or forgotten. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Ukrainian folk traditions, and the art of decorating pysanky has been revived and celebrated as an important part of Ukrainian culture.

Easter eggs are often decorated with flowers in Ukraine, as a symbol of spring and new life. In many cultures, eggs have long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and renewal. Ukrainian folk artists incorporate the abundance of blooming flowers that come with the arrival of spring into their Easter egg decoration process, making it a fitting symbol for the celebration of Easter in Ukraine.

Painting flowers on an Easter Egg


Decorating eggs with flowers can also be seen as a way of celebrating the beauty of nature and the creative potential of the human spirit. Flower patterns and motifs can be used to create intricate and colorful designs, transforming simple eggs into works of art.

Today, Ukrainian Easter eggs are highly prized for their intricate designs and rich cultural symbolism. They are often given as gifts or used as decorations during the Easter season, and are a beloved part of Ukrainian heritage.